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The single biggest reason kids are not compliant with the medications designed to make them well is the flavor. You see, when your child spits out a medication, they aren’t getting the full dose that was prescribed by their physician. That can mean the medication won’t work as it was intended, and you may have to spend additional money on more medicine.

Flavoring is a form of compounding that lets children and their parents customize the medicine to whatever they’d prefer it to taste like. Making your child’s medicine taste better isn’t just as simple as adding a new flavor. That’s why we work with the experts at PCCA (Professional Compounding Centers of America) and FLAVORx who have spent time scientifically figuring out how to cover up bitterness, chalkiness, and certain chemical smells that can make your child (or you) reluctant to take his or her medication.

We recommend letting the child pick the flavor. If they make the choice, they are more likely to take the medicine without complaint. Carl's Drug Store continues to look for new and improved ways to solve your medication problems. Let us know if you have an idea for how we can better serve you.


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